Silhouette Art Craft

As the season approaches for parties and parades, feasts and balls, many will begin to bring out some level of décor for the occasion. Maybe you favor a flag flying outdoors, a bright tablecloth, or an all out orgiastic display of hand-strung Krewe beads from years past. Whatever your style, consider a quick and easy wall piece to inject new color into this years’ festivities.

You’ll Need:

A canvas (any size you like)

Washi tape (purple, green and gold is preferable)

Acrylic paint

Medium paintbrush

Small paintbrush

A Mardi Gras appropriate silhouette (a die cut or stencil will work)

  1. Begin by applying washi tape to your canvas. Apply in any manner you like; linear is easiest.
  2. Cover entirety of canvas.Image
  3. Place silhouette in desired location on canvas; trace around it using a pencil.
  4. Carefully apply paint to your canvas, taking care to keep the lines of your silhouette sharp.
  5. Apply additional coats of paint as needed to cover washi tape. Image
  6. Finish edges in tape of your choice.
  7. Hang and enjoy!

By: Candis Calvert

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About paradepeople

We are the bead ladies behind Pensacola Parade People, llc. Our family knows parades and we LOVE spreading the Pensacola parade fever! Drawn to to the Pensacola Bay Area by the glittering, white sands and her retired military parents, Terry quickly took to the Pensacola parading traditions and has been active in various Krewes since the 1980s. Introducing 'newbies' (visitors, transplants, and natives) to Pensacola Mardi Gras has always been her favorite part of the festivities. When there's not a parade to be had, a rare occurrence for sure, you'll find her following her favorite blues and zydeco bands. Raised on king cake and moon pies, Audrey's had the "bon temps" spirit since she was in diapers. As a native Pensacolian, she believes "a parade ain't a parade without beads!" Audrey honed the fine art of arriving early and staking out the best bead-catching spot until she was old enough to join her mother's Krewe as a "floater in training"...aka a sober safety walker (a path her younger sister also took.) Floating with Krewe friends, new and old, is her favorite part of the festivities (followed closely by the Krewe Balls.) When the floats have been parked in their barns and the streets have been swept, you'll find her kayaking or playing with her Great Danes.

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